Condominium Management

Living within a condominium community can be a very gratifying experience. Quite often the financial and physical burdens that are realized by more traditional types of home ownership are often softened or completely removed due to the sharing of costs amongst all owners. This arrangement provides the owner with an affordable balance between contracting for certain services, which might have been otherwise unaffordable, and the allure of a maintenance free lifestyle. We understand that condominium owners are a collection of like-minded individuals looking to capitalize and benefit from that same type of lifestyle. We also understand that condominiums are not just condominiums, they are someone’s home; your home. And thus there is an emotional connection to it. Our commitment is to treat it as such.

Condominium services we offer:

  • Negotiation and solicitation of service contracts
  • Overseeing all services
  • Review of property conditions
  • Implement preventative maintenance programs, if applicable
  • Hire and supervise on-site personnel or subcontractors
  • Obtain bids and purchase supplies required
  • Assist the Corporation in review of insurance coverage
  • Establish and maintain a billing and collection system
  • Administer any Corporation bank accounts
  • Pay accounts incurred by or on behalf of the Corporation
  • Maintain accurate accounts of all financial transactions
  • Assist the Board with enforcing the Declaration, By-Laws and Rules
  • Respond promptly to all requests for service or emergencies
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations to the Board
  • Assist the Board in the resolution of unit owner dispute
  • Provide guidance to the Board pertaining to Condominium Act regulations
  • Advise and consult with the Corporation’s auditors
  • Facilitation of Reserve Fund Study reviews and advise on the investing of such funds
  • Preparation and distribution of Annual and Budget meeting notices and required forms
  • Preparation and distribution of Monthly Management Reports
  • Attendance at Board meetings and Annual General Meetings
  • Maintain up-to-date owner listings with address and other pertinent information
  • Maintain up-to-date owner listing of lessee



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